The beguilingly beautiful and immensely talented, Tammi Terrell, endured rape, physical abuse, and turbulent love affairs in pursuit of her dream to become one of Motown’s most memorable stars. (Feature Film)

Based on true events. Set in the isolated, ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community in New Jersey, this gang of vigilante rabbis will stop at nothing to protect the Aguna, the ‘chained women’ from their ex husbands. They may even use Karate. Or cattle prods. Anything can happen with this crew. The FBI gets involved. It gets messy. Just give up the get and nobody gets hurt…

(Feature Film)

The reluctant heir to an auto salvage yard becomes a global sensation by eating his mother’s ’71 Ford onstage nightly in front of a sold-out crowd. As his ‘stunt’ becomes a source of profit and exploitation for his oddball family, this naïve dreamer discovers the deep unresolved trauma driving him, and a life-changing opportunity to embrace the possibilities of love. Based on the cult classic novel by legendary Southern gothic writer Harry Crews. (Feature Film)


Emma Hernandez is a smart teenager living with disconnected parents, dealing with high school, and wondering why her little sister has gotten so strange. In search for a sense of her own sanity she decides to stop taking her medication. One day in the woods she discovers the world of The Strangers. She is thrown into a world that challenges her own reality, and begins a quest to find what happened to her sister. (Series)

When ICE raids the work of the undocumented Guatemalan parents of two American-born kids in Miami, they are jailed, deported and sent back to Guatemala. Fearing for their lives and committed to rescue their children from the US Government, they make the incredibly dangerous and brave decision to travel back to the US illegally, back home, against the odds and by any means necessary…(Documentary)

Imagine a perfect world. No pollution, no global warming, threat of extinction, violence, or war. This perfect future is not as perfect as it seems. Because of the planet’s perfect state of being, a new cycle of evolution has begun. In the year 2086 AD, a young biologist discovers a new truth, and sparks a revolution. (Series)

Every day, thousands of African women and children undertake a perilous journey across anunforgiving landscape to seek refuge, food and water. Pushed by hunger, forced to flee violence or persecution, they leave everything behind in search of the basic needs for human survival. (Documentary)

When a disillusioned old school ICE agent finds himself thrust into a global conspiracy involving the underworld of the deep Dark Web and a new mysterious crypto-currency, he must team up with a young tech-savvy upstart Treasury agent if he ever hopes to get to the truth, before his life is hacked and everything he cares about is destroyed forever. (Feature Film) 

Set an a 90s New York City, four women find their power in the most unlikely of places, a high-end escort service. (Series)

A small town girl arrives in Hollywood to pursue her dreams of being a backup dancer. The show follows ruthlessly determined dancers and their wild lives, as they try to navigate the cutthroat world of Hollywood. 

Duane DaRock to host “The Guru,” a television series focused on the topics of music, physical fitness, addiction, the mind, body, & spirit, etc. The show will feature celebrity guest appearances, as well as masters of his or her  respective disciplines.

Come with Kat Graham, friends and celebrity co stars as they hop to different resorts all over the world. Get to know these countries through food, people and places through these unique and incredible resorts.

Each week of competition will feature a specific theme which can be determined by an array of variables: song, genre, style, dealer’s choice, brand & sponsor initiatives, etc. The various themes will keep the show fresh, the choreographers on his or her toes, and the audience on the edge of their seat.